ACLA is a powerful force and efficient ally for community agents.
ACLA maintains information-sharing sessions with city, county, and state leaders.

Steering Committee:
President: Lauren Kochian, Museum of Science and Technology
Vice President: Lisa Smith, Syracuse Opera
Secretary: Mary Lee Hodgens, Lightwork

Jim Emmons, Syracuse Poster Project
Sara Felice, Point of Contact Gallery
Samara Hannah, Redhouse Arts Center
Phil Memmer, Arts Branch of the YMCA
Neva Pilgrim, Society for New Music
Natalie Stetson, Erie Canal Museum

Stephen Butler, CNY Arts, ex officio
Mike Intaglietta, Landmark Theatre, ex officio
Danny Liedka, Visit Syracuse, ex officio

2020 Meeting Dates:


Steering Committee will meet prior to each general meeting.

  • All Meetings held at the following address unless otherwise noted:
    YMCA Writers Center 1st Floor
    340 Montgomery St. Syracuse, NY