The Arts and Culture Leadership Alliance of CNY (ACLA) advises and supports CNY Arts (formerly the Cultural Resources Council) and unifies the leadership of the arts, culture and heritage communities in order to strengthen the livability and economic vitality of Central New York.


In 2004 a cultural coalition of local arts organizations (small to large) had been meeting monthly and found common ground and issues that needed to be worked on and addressed. All agreed that Central New York needed a voice for arts and culture. From these discussions, ACLA was formed as a collegial roundtable with membership broadly defined. We all share goals that included design of a tangible economic engine, the need for collaborative marketing, social/political empowerment, and expanding relationships beyond the previous traditional boundaries.


  • 2009 ACLA produced an Economic Impact Study using data from its membership documenting the value of arts and culture.
  • 2012 using the American for the Arts ACLA collaborated with Le Moyne College and CNY Arts to produced a report documenting the direct economic impact of arts and cultural organizations. We presented a realistic picture of the economic impact that the arts have in our community. This report conclusively shows that arts equates to business for the greater Syracuse area and CNY.
  • ALCA took a proactive position on the city’s finances by speaking with representatives from the city. The city’s budget was reviewed and the members had the opportunity to ask questions and share concerns.
  • Met with marketing representatives from Destiny USA to learn and explore new opportunities to market to visitors coming to CNY to shop.
  • At the request of the County Executive we created and implemented a new funding process. This allowed for more balance and accountability amongst arts organizations.
  • Advocated for arts/culture by visiting elected officials and sharing pertinent information regard our industry.
  • Forged relationships with Visit Syracuse (formerly Convention and Visitors Bureau) and the Greater Syracuse Hospitality Association to increase market share of tourism into attendees/audience.



  • Build relationships and collaborations with other arts and culture groups and leaders.
  • Learn about possible funding opportunities and collaborations.
  • Share information about your organization and upcoming events with the group.
  • Remain current with activities of other ALCA organizations.